Original Recipes

Baked Brie
Artichoke Crustinis
Hamburger Nachos

Seafood Main
Asian Shrimp Stirfry
Pan Fried Brook Trout
Salmon with Herbes de Provence
Grilled Maple Salmon
Tomato Shrimp Couscous

Meat Main
Spinach & Beef Stuffed Peppers
Seared Pork Chops with Mushooms & Blue Cheese
Chicken and Artichokes Sauté
Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers
Chicken Sausage in Tomato Sauce
Chicken Piccata
Spinach Sausage Pasta in White Sauce
Chicken with Spinach and Squeaky Cheese
Breaded Chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Pasta
Witloof In De Oven
Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken

Veggie Main
Mushroom Blue Cheese Pizza
Galette De Bretagne
Homemade Meatballs
Creamy Pasta with Fried Artichoke Hearts
Grilled Caprese Pizza
Grilled Portabellas with Ricotta
Beet Gnocchi
Butternut Squash Risotto
Ravioli with Artichoke Sauce
Beet & Sweet Potato Pizza
Puffed Pastry Artichoke & Pesto Pizza

Sides and Salads
Homemade Potato Chips
Beet Salsa
Maple Brussels Sprouts
Twice Baked Sweet Potato With Maple Sausage
Warm Swiss Chard with Walnuts
Yellow Bean Salad
Couscous Salad
Artichoke Tomato Hummus
"Nemo" Couscous (with Peppers, Walnuts & Pancetta)
Fresh Bean & Asparagus Salad
Summer Rice Salad
Chicken Curry Salad (no photos)
Deconstructed Ham & Cheese Salad (no photos)

Pumpkin Soup (traditional)
Curry Pumpkin Soup
Egg Drop Kale Soup

Breakfast & Brunch
Avacado & Egg with Tofu Salad
Poached Eggs and Kale
Lobster Quiche
L'Omelette Parfait
Spinach Home Fries
Greek Quiche

Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies (no photos)

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