August 13, 2013

BBQ Grilled Chicken with Yellow Bean Side

I love summer.  I love grilling.  I loveeeeee cooking with summer veggies!  These yellow beans are from Barker's Farm in Stratham, New Hampshire.  They don't need much to dress them up at all, which is why I went with butter, lemon and some basil (from Mom's yard, thanks Mom!).

What's in the fridge:
- Chicken breasts
- BBQ sauce
- Yellow beans
-'Slab' of butter (about 1 inch thick)
- 2 wedges of lemon
- 5-10 basil leaves, cut in small pieces
- Feta cheese (crumbled) for garnish
- S&P to taste

- Marinate chicken breasts over night in BBQ sauce
- Cut bad ends off of yellow beans

Yellow beans & basil
- Grill chicken breasts (about 7 minutes per side for medium sized chicken breasts)
- Meanwhile, melt butter in skillet on medium heat
- As soon as butter is melted, add yellow beans, basil, salt & pepper.  Juice lemon slices onto beans then add to the skillet. Cook approx 15 minutes, turning down the heat to low after about 5 minutes.
Yellow beans in skillet
Grilled BBQ Chicken
 - Plate and serve!  Don't forget some feta on the beans.  It's not a fridgespiration with out some cheese!

Bon appetit!

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