December 4, 2012

Grilled Maple Salmon

I love winter and all that it has to offer, but I just can't give up the grill quite yet.  I love our new place for a lot of reasons, and having my little Weber right outside the kitchen is definitely on the list.  Stay tuned for how long I'll venture out there!

While maybe not what you would think of for a cold Saturday night at home, this salmon is a delicious meal anytime of year.  I can't take full credit, it's also my dad's specialty.

What's in the fridge:
- Cedar plank (non-treated)
- Salmon for two
- 1/2 cup of maple syrup
- Juice of 1/2 a lemon
- One bunch of asparagus
- Olive oil

- Soak cedar plank for at least 30 minutes
- Heat grill to med-high/high
- Place salmon on cedar plank and smother with maple syrup and juice of lemon
- Place on grill and cook for approx 25 minutes, until translucent
- Cut ends off of asparagus, drizzle with olive oil and place on grill (or in grill basket as shown here)

Salmon and asparagus on grill
Maple salmon fresh off the grill
 - Plate and serve!

Bon Appetit!


My proportions in the photos above are way more than for 2 people as instructed in the recipe.  I love this meal, which is why I wanted to make sure to have enough for left overs.  That said, you can only have salmon so many meals in a row.  When in doubt, throw it in an omelette for a yummy breakfast for dinner meal :)

This omelette includes 2 eggs, a splash of water, left over salmon, swiss cheese to taste, S&P to taste.

Bon Appetit for the next night too!

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