September 16, 2012

Modified from Martha Stewart's Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes and Green Beans recipe, this is a delicious dish if you are looking to pack in those carbs. I added in tomatoes and fresh mozzarella to Martha's recipe, nothing too extreme, and not technically "fridgespiration" but pretty good nonetheless! 

What's in the fridge:
1/2 a box of pasta (pinwheels used here)
3 Yukon Gold potatoes, chopped to bite size pieces)
1/2 large tomato, chopped
2 mozzarella balls, chopped
large handful of green beans (ends cut off and chopped to bite size pieces)
2 large spoonfuls of pesto

- Boil a large pot of water and add potatoes, cook for about 10 minutes
- Add pasta 
- After 5 minutes, add green beans
- Drain the above once the potatoes are easily pierced with a fork, then run them under cold water to cool off ingredients
- Mix the potatoes, pasta and green beans with the tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto.

Bon Appetit!!!

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