September 30, 2013

Chicken and... Truffle Fries!

Well, it's getting cooler... time for a meal with the frozen chicken breasts I keep on hand in the freezer.  They don't get a lot of use in the summer, no real reason I suppose.  I also keep potatoes on hand, mainly for an excuse to use the Pommes de Terre burlap sack I picked up at a market in France this summer :)

New kitchen toy 
What's in the fridge:
2 chicken breasts
5 large mushrooms
1 tomato, diced
3 red potatoes
1 TBSP truffle oil
2 TBSP maple flakes (optional)
Pam (olive oil)
3/4 TBSP smoked garlic salt

- Preheat oven to 425
- Slice potatoes very thin.  I use a mandolin slicer to get them paper thin.
- Mix 1 TBSP truffle oil with potatoes and maple flakes.  Really could not taste the maple flakes, so I would recommend leaving them out of adding them at the end.

Slice potatoes
- Spray cookie sheet with Pam Olive Oil and spread out potato mixture evenly on it.  Try not to allow them to over lap.
- Bake for 20-25 minutes, flipping the potatoes half way through.  If they aren't browning, just turn on the broiler a bit.

- Meanwhile, slice chicken into small one-inch pieces and mix with smoked garlic salt.
- Heat up a skillet to med-high and coat with olive oil, add chicken.

Chicken with smoked garlic salt
- Once chicken is browned, about 5 minutes each side, remove and set aside

Browning chicken
- Using the same pan, saute mushrooms and tomatoes for approx 7 minutes, until they start getting soft
- At this point, add chicken to mushrooms and tomatoes.  Some juice will have formed, let it cook on low for about another 10 minutes.

- Plate with the now crispy potatoes.  Drizzle the remaining 1 TBSP of the truffle oil on the potatoes.

Bon appetit!

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